I can finally reveal what I’ve been up to, and let me say I see you wearing these in the near future. My Divination earrings add just right amount of mystery to any outfit. I’m making them just in time for #Halloween,  it they are stylish to wear year round. Best part? I can do custom colors, symbols, or words in the #crystalball since they are hand painted! $29 per pair plus shipping. Leave message to reserve yours!
Close up! Now you can see the little deer better! #noveltybroochfriday
I almost forgot about #noveltybroochfriday! My little vintage deer comes from @SoCoantiques (available at #thedepotatgibsonmill & @beadlush!)
Any morning that begins with #beads is going to be a good one. I love my job. #shopsmall #buylocal #glass  (at Beadlush)
Hooray it’s pumpkin season!!!
Just doodling with some water colors. You’ll see why in a few days. #secrets #watercolor #nightsandweekends


**Heavy breathing** I haven’t seen a case in years that would make me want to switch from my slime monster.
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